▷ ⭐ Characters : Who is McMillan from the anime Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion?

A girl who lived her life as a simple and boring . One day, someone pushes her from a great height and she is reborn as Raeliana McMillan in the world of a fantasy novel she had read before. In the world of the novel, she appears as the beautiful daughter of a wealthy man living in the kingdom of Cheimos, but as a totally secondary character. The main female character in the story appears as the person who gives the protagonist of the story a reason to return home from afar.


The reason is that her fiancé, French Brooks, is destined to die of poisoning in the near future; she finds it unacceptable to be killed twice and takes steps to avoid death. She then goes to live as the false fiancée of the heir to the throne, Noah Wynknight, for a limited period of six months.

 At first, Raeliana McMillan does this for her own protection, but as she spends time with Noah Wynknight, she becomes attracted to him. Before her reincarnation, her name was Rinko Hanasaki.

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