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 After Anime : Volume 3 Interlude Light Novel Saikyou Onmyouji no Isekai Tenseiki

The story follows Fiona, who observes a carriage in the distance and reflects on her trust in Seika . Meanwhile, the resurrected soldiers seem to be confused and Fiona wonders how they will be able to return to the castle. At one point, she hears the voice of the Holy Knight, who warns her that it is dangerous and that she must return to the castle. Fiona, however, wishes to stay a little longer to feel the night wind. Then, Fiona recalls a night she shared with Seika, an experience that stayed in her memory. The conversation between Fiona and the Sacred Knight continues, with Fiona talking about Seika. Finally, Fiona expresses her concern that she cannot afford to lose Seika and decides to aim for the best future for both of them and the empire.


Summary Light Novel : Saikyou Onmyouji no Isekai Tenseiki


Seika and Amyu travel by carriage along the road of the empire. Amyu asks him why he likes carriages so much, and he explains that he has liked horses since he was a child tending cows back home in Japan. He also mentions that he is worried about what school will be like after his absence due to his rescue of Amyu from the imperial castle. Amyu asks him why he is so strong and he reveals that he is a genius and has created half of the techniques he uses himself. Amyu is a bit disappointed by his answer and Seika feels a bit guilty for not revealing another secret.

Seika mentions that at first he was willing to sacrifice the Amyu who travels with him, but now he worries about her. He also mentions that in his previous life, he sealed many gods and seems to be regretting it. In addition, Yuki reminds him that in this world, monsters cannot resist the phase, which suggests that Seika has been sealing monsters for a while and has possibly done this in his previous life as well.  Seika reflects on his financial situation and the conversation with Yuki.

Seika joins the adventurer's guild, and her friends Mabel, Yifa and Amyu.  Seika and her friends find themselves on an adventure in a subway labyrinth in search of treasure. Along the way, they encounter a trap that triggers a series of events that lead them to fight a group of bandits. After the fight, Seika discovers that the bandits are looking for a magical object she possesses and the group must fight to protect themselves and escape.


They find themselves in a city called Lakana, where they are joined by a man named Hyorogari. They get into a fight with a group of adventurers after Hyorogari is insulted and Seika uses his magic to defeat his opponents. However, they are interrupted by the city guards and are accused of having a private fight, which is forbidden in the city. A mysterious man appears and helps them escape from the guards but they still have to pay a fine.

In the city called Lakana, which developed from a camp for adventurers conquering dungeons. The city is free, meaning it has no ruler, and is run by a parliament called the Free Citizens Council of Lakana of which President Cyrus is the head of the executive branch.

In this fragment, Seika, Amyu and Mabel meet with President Cyrus, who informs them that, although he is a collaborator of Fiona, the princess who helped them escape from the imperial castle, his allegiance is with the city and its freedom, not with any particular camp. He also informs them that this city will not turn anyone away except criminals and that they can spend their time as they wish. Then, the adventurer Lloyd introduces himself to them . In a tense moment Seika threatens Cyrus to take over the city but Cyrus informs them that to live in this city, the most important thing is to be accepted by the city.


Seika's group walks through the streets of a dangerous city full of adventurers. Seika decides to ask Mabel and Yifa to go back to school instead of staying there, as she believes it is not a safe or appropriate place for them. Yifa remembers that she has always wanted to be free and adventurous, she reveals that her father and mother were adventurers in the past. Amyu suggests that even Seika could go back to school and live a normal life, but Seika decides to stay with the group and do the best they can. Despite her concerns, Seika allows the girls to stay and warns them not to overdo it. It is also revealed that Yifa's mother was an archer, which surprises Seika.

The group led by Lloyd heads towards a dungeon called "Wandering Forest". Lloyd explains that this dungeon belongs to the Southern Mountains and is suitable for novice adventurers. The party finds ancient knight armor and a killer ape. Lloyd explains that the assassin apes have a magic stone inside their bodies that can be used as material for magic tools. He also mentions that adventurers who specialize in transporting materials can use an item box, a magic that allows you to store items in a different space than the one found here. Finally, Mabel divides the mesh into two parts so that it is easier to transport and the purchase price does not decrease.

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