▷ 📚 Does Hell's Paradise have a HAPPY ENDING in the MANGA ?

Hell paradise has managed to bring a mixture of horror of the body, action, an investigation of the Bushido Code, religion and even the concepts of morality. Status remained on an island and matched, the convicts and their executioners stepped on the island in an attempt to bring the elixir of life back to the whole of nations for the honor of the shogunate. With the time, the characters have died, survived and grown up in their battle skills and emotional postures while the residents of the island, the tensen, aim to kill them in each corner. However, although we have observed a gigantic proportion of strong and moving characters and objectives, Hell’s Paradise Volume 13 seals the story by renamessing Gabimaru The Hollow and Sagiri, their executioner.

Gabimaru battle strongly against the abortability of his human body, knowing that his wife is alive and well, which he found in the last volume. With a totally new decision, he pushes beyond his parameters in the way we hope he does it for an action story. To help him, Sagiri in the end is in a position to take possession of his strength, surpassing everyone's expectations. Both cling to their emotions, needs, anger and loneliness to throw them in the fight, survive the canyon boat and place an end to the Rein master project that would carry the mortal resources of the island to the whole of nations.

As the end of the series, Hell’s Paradise Volume 13 is not the most emotional of the series volumes. The outcome lacks the bite that carries in its first volumes forged by Kaku's function to kill any character and show an emotional background story to add it. By the way, there is not too much death in this volume despite the serious situation in which the remaining survivors are. That says. Why can she overcome Tensen's expectations to stop the Rein project?


Sagiri's revelation is one that has been built at the bottom of the previous volumes. I struggled to understand how one of the primary characters of the series had taken a background and taught himself as one of the weakest of the whole. That said, Kaku's choice to hide his strength in the series, giving him small moments that culminate in this final volume, has been an intelligent choice. Out of all, it is implies that Sagiri should not modify. Its increase is to admit that it is different from the other executioners in its clan and those that surround it. Instead of pushing their emotions in the background and transforming into an empty container for the shogunate, Sagiri uses them to feed their Tao and establish. His anger is his strength, not his prostration.

In addition, volume 13 of hell paradise shows Gabimaru in a different light. Of course, Gabimaru is the most powerful character in the series. However, it is Kaku's function to demonstrate Gabimaru's vulnerability and softness as a critic to do who he is. It is not hollow; It is full of love, and it is that love that makes it doubt once it must minimize the final impediment, preventing him and survivors from escaping and completing the reim project.

As a duo, Sagiri and Gabimaru are strong in a way that distinguishes volume 13 from hell paradise apart from other action series. The beauty and power of permanence of hell remain in their horror and abuse, however volume 13, its crescendo is its softness. Kaku shows how well illustrates terrifying monsters and writes evil characters. However, it also shows how you can explore beauty, affability and vulnerability in the same series, even in the darkest of its characters, such as Chobe.

This balance causes the quite topical epilogue, which carefully concludes the future of the surviving character, works well. There is a sweetness in the outcome and a love that has passed throughout the series if the reader can see beyond violence. The bonds between brothers, paternal love of a mentor and, obviously, the feeling of free time that certain characters have wanted to achieve. Hell’s Paradise Volume 13 is an appropriate ending for an exciting series.

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