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Best Animes on Crunchyroll 2023


The summary of this anime is really clear and tells you exactly what this program is about. The rhythm is really slow. I don't feel anything TBH even after seeing 4 episodes. It seems that the program is still configuring the mysteries of history. I think that EP 4 finishes entering an arc in history, so perhaps in the end we begin to obtain certain turns/revelations.

The romance felt uncomfortable thanks to the stiff animation. He simulated that the characters never changed the feelings on their faces, the long static frames felt like Power Point. On the other hand, this is based on Manhwa, which have a strange fetish for male sadism/domination. So, yes, the romance will feel a bit strange comparatively with the usual anime that is based on the manga. This is the type of anime that will complete, however forget it 5 min after finishing it. Then, more or less average. I want a slightly faster pace to enter the flesh in history. I think it can be better if it is only in excess instead of following it weekly for the tiny increase.


The best anime this season and one of the superior manga of all time. All the characters have so much depth for them, not only that, but the series generally deals with many moral/philosophical dilemmas and Yuji Kaku somehow managed not to make a disaster look like it. The characters not only remain drastically well written, but everyone is very nice, including the characters that may not like at the beginning. 

Without naming the animation for the program, in this way that fair was surprising, the structure of the battle scenes and the scenes with symbolism, the images are made incredibly. Everything mentioned excludes how firefighter is the soundtrack. Done really well. The opening also has to be one of my favorites along the anime, ACC not openings and the finals are my favorites along the anime. 

To add to that, the animation for the opening also goes further. What is not? Another thing that is surprising is the dynamics of the character, and the anime represents them really well so far. One of my favorite things about it is lighting, the contrast between the beauty of Shinseknyo and the horrors that inhabit it is impressive. And the lighting emulates that surprisingly, the expressions and facial movements have also been perfectly executed, capturing doubt, sadness, hesitation, hope and feeling of the characters without making them seem solid. Generally, this is the best anime this season and it will be one of the superiors Shounen anime of all time


Think of every isekai there. The primary OP character that is as pure as snow with a harem of ladies who throw them into him and the lancer who is openly jealous of his powers of MC. Yes, that guy is dead and we have killed him. This is the narration of the consequences, you, yes, you! Person who is sitting there in the corner judging hero Blanymcblandbland and in your head rewriting the episode of how you would have done it. I see you, I live on your walls and see everything!

Do you run with a large sword and "nailing" monsters? Does your enormous sword become more huge the more excited you are? Please, I see how you handle ... yes, I can't commit to this bit. Sorry, however, this is a real bruise of the program, so you know which you are getting here.

It is a parody of each complete iseka with the lateral characters of the trope. The thing is that he is aware of that and, instead of winking a wink to the camera, there is a correct story and plot as the jokes remain addressed to the viewer. The fan service is a feature, however is in service of the jokes 90% of the time.

It is ridiculous, it is fun, it has personality. It is certainly worth watching. A solid show so far, would have described it greater if they played with the term a little more to stand out. The primary music of opening "Shinda!" by Masayoshi Ooishi belongs to the superiors that I have heard in years.

Review : Best Animes TO WATCH on Crunchyroll 2023

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