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Tengoku Daimakyou as an anime is well written, it has a lot of this dark mysterious feeling for the animation stage. The main thing about anime is its amazing psychological things that happen within the anime that preserves you entertaining. The uniqueness about the anime is that each episode is new and retains you committed to its mystery that is being developed in history. The art style is not bad. I like some rations of the anime, however generally, I think he does the job. 

The subtlety of horror in anime is good and I love the bloody pieces of anime and monsters in the anime. There is a sky and there is a hell, in which part they will be for eternity while they are through the journey, I will not know, but I hope we see more gore, action and psychological. There is an interesting turn of the plot that you will discover about a person and you will make you think and interrogate the mentality of other people regarding how you understand it.


One of Jigokuraku outstanding properties is his great characters. Each character has its background and unique motivations, which makes them simple to favor. Gabimaru, especially, is a fascinating protagonist who has a dark and emotional background that makes it reference and intriguing.

The animation is also incredible, with surprising images and dynamic battle scenes that keep the public committed. The use of color designs and characters is also evident, which adds to the striking general of the anime. Generally, Jigokuraku is a surprising anime that will attract fans of the genres of action and martial arts. His well -developed characters, a striking story and an incredible animation transform him into a visit imposed for anyone looking for an exciting anime experience.


Only the ambitious to make an 82 min pilot episode for a complete prologue speaks for himself. We are equipped with an almost complete anime tape with a wonderful graphic script, production, visual effects, voice performance, song, and so on. From the beginning.

Most of the individuals who expect anxiously this show remain here from "Kaguya-Sama Love Is War" of Aka Akasaka's, probably the best cheerful manga turned into anime in the current memory. Unlike Kaguya-Sama, this anime takes a much darker and more serious tone, and nevertheless, it still captures the brightness and life of the aforementioned series.

Mengo Yokoyari's illustration of his eyes only gives this anime much more life; As if he were looking and drilling through your spirit. How beautiful the art/general animation cannot be placed in words. How art styles change sometimes to perfectly adjust to the nature of the scene is incredible. Which we have here is a visit imposed for all anime fans. Being in the seinen genre, it may seem quite real and quite heavy sometimes, especially for the most boy; However, the spirit placed in this work by all who made it viable causes it to be worth all the ups and downs that we pass with the group.

Review : BEST ANIME to WATCH right now 2023 

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