▷ 💎 Uncle from Another World Season 2 Anime Release Date

For the first season, the anime was produced by the Japanese animation studio Atelier Pontdarc. Never heard of them? 

Me neither. Atelier Pontdarc is a relatively new animation studio and the anime Isekai Ojisan is their second production, following 2021's Do Your Best, Douki-chan (Ganbare Douki-chan).  Isekai ojisan is currently in the top 3 in China, has a total of 78 million views and a 9.8 rating. The manga is still being published and Isekai Ojisan is likely to have a 2nd season.


All 13 episodes will be released on three Uncle From Another World Blu-Ray/DVD volumes. Volume 1 was scheduled for September 28, 2022, Volume 2 for January 25, 2023 (delayed from October 26, 2022) and Volume 3 for February 22, 2023 (delayed from November 25, 2022). It is possible that the final BD box set will be delayed again.


Official Trailer Preview Anime : Uncle from Another World ( Not Season 2 )



Synopsis: Seventeen years ago, Takafumi's uncle went into a coma, but now he has returned as a man resurrected from the grave. Soon, Takafumi discovers two strange things: his uncle values video games above all else, and because he was in a coma, he was transported to another world as a heroic guardian of a rice field. Now, Takafumi not only needs to be with a literally magical man, but he also needs to make him understand twenty years of history: smartphones, high-speed Internet, new anime tropes... and a traumatic ending .

Source : Noticias Donghua

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