▷ ⭐ Characters : Who is Marguerit Farom from the anime The Legendary Hero is Dead ! ?

 Marguerit Farom is the third princess of the kingdom of Farom. Raised with the expectation of marrying a brave man, she received a high-level education in both literary and military arts from a very young age. However, due to the stress caused by her harsh upbringing, she developed a disease known as "magical fugue", which forces her to ingest large amounts of food to maintain her magical power.


She meets Touka without knowing that the real Shion is already dead, and is shocked when she discovers the truth. However, when Touka takes it upon himself to protect her, she falls in love with him and ends up becoming his partner in crime. She mainly uses a magic bow in battle, but is also good with swords, spears and has a magic level of "7", which shows her all-round ability. She also learns recovery magic through special training. Once the adventure is over, she intends to marry Touka like a true hero, but her extremely jealous nature gets her into constant trouble..

Source: Manga

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