▷ ⭐ Characters : Who is Ai Hoshino from the anime Oshi no Ko ?

Ai Hoshino is the mother of Aqua Hoshino and Ruby Hoshino, and the centre of the idol group B Komachi. She has long straight black hair, red eyes and star-shaped highlights in both eyes. Age is 16 years old. She grew up in an institution after her mother was arrested for theft when she was a child.

 Ichigo Saito discovered her in the city and at first she refused because she couldn't understand the feeling of loving others, but Ichigo persuaded her to become an idol. After that, without telling Ichigo who her father was, she temporarily suspended her activities because she became pregnant and asked Goro, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, to be her attending physician.


She is also not good at thinking of difficult things, and when Ruby accidentally says difficult words that are not suitable for small children, she accepts without hesitation and says, "She sounds like a crazy genius." She admits to being a liar, and instead of thinking, she blurts out things that suit the mood of the place, so even Ai Hoshino herself doesn't understand what a lie is and what her true intention is. On the morning of the dome performance, a stalker who visited her house and stabbed her to death.

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