▷ ⭐ Characters : Who is Rose Oriana from the anime The Eminence in Shadow ?

  Princess of the Kingdom of Oriana. An international student who came to the Midgar Academy of Magical Swordsmen in the Kingdom of Midgar and serves as president of the student council. Her long blonde hair is in an upright roll. Although she is from Oriana, the land of art, she is an expert swordswoman and is considered by her students to be the strongest in the school. When the school was occupied by the fake Garden of Shadows, she tried to fight aggressively to protect the students, but ever since Cid Kagenou saved her suddenly took cover, she has been worried about him.


She secretly admires Cid and has met Shadow through several incidents, but does not realise that the two are the same person. Although he tried to follow the path of music and other arts, he was drawn to fencing and, despite being opposed by those around him in Oriana, where fencing is considered barbaric, he decided to take up fencing and decided to study abroad in the Kingdom of Midgar. Her father, who is also the king of Oriana, forced her to marry but when she realised that he was using medicinal herbs to control the king and plan to take over the kingdom, she rebelled and fled alone.

 While escaping, she met Shadow, who was playing the piano alone, and received a mysterious power from him, which greatly enhanced her fighting power. She is also a great fan of the works of novelist Natsume. She has a history of being kidnapped by thieves when she was a child, and was rescued by Shadow, who called himself a "stylish thief hunter" at the time.

Source: Manga

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