▷ 📚 Summary Volume 1 : Light Novel Otonari no Tenshi-sama

 Brief Synopsis Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsunomanika Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken Light Novel Volume 1


Amane Fujimiya lives alone in a flat next to the prettiest girl in school, Mahiru Shiina, who is known as the Angel Lady at school. She has never had a relationship with him, but when he passes by when he is soaking wet from the rain, she lends him her umbrella and a mysterious interaction begins.


Impressions Light Novel : The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten


The protagonist of the series, Amane Fujimiya, is a high school student who lives alone. It's not that he's been disowned because he doesn't get along with his parents, or because his parents do odd jobs, but because they're too close and he seems to be in a rebellious phase, so there's no need to worry (in volume 2, his parents often come to his house).

What we should be worried about is not that, but the mess in his house.

Imagine what's on the floor of a man who can't clean and wash his clothes. Underwear and socks are placed on the floor, not on the shelves. The only saving grace is that it is not a breeding ground for flies, as it is clearly indicated that there is no food-related rubbish. However, it is still a situation where there is nowhere to step, and this is no rest for the weary.

There was someone who could clean it up. It is the neighbour, Mahiru Shiina .

God gives two or three things with impunity.

It is taken for granted that handsome men and women are intelligent and have good personality. If it is said that a name expresses the body and the heart appears in the letters, I think the face reflects life. In this sense, the character Mahiru Shiina is so perfect that it is even scary.

Her academic performance is first class and she has good sports skills. In addition, she is the most beautiful girl in the school and is said to have received many confessions. She also has the ability to clean her neighbour's dirty room, and I am sure that if I met her in real life, I would weep with joy. Her episodes of sainthood are not limited to cleaning, she even manages her daily diet, so if this were to happen in real life, I feel like I would be killed by the reaction of happiness.


Also, the food is unbelievably delicious. It's the first time I've ever been scared of a pretty girl's home cooking.

Well, you can tell from the official synopsis that it's a story like that. I pick it up and start reading it knowing it's that kind of story, and I expect that kind of development. But the flow leading up to that point is too fast.

The story begins with a scene in which Amane lends an umbrella to Mahiru Shiina, who is soaking wet from the rain. She may have gone home under the umbrella, but the man, on the other hand, comes home soaking wet and catches a cold. She cares for him and looks after him, and his relationship with her develops quickly.

Good. I like it. They went straight to the romantic comedy formula.


Mahiru Shiina takes it from there as a matter of course. At first it was probably a temporary feeling of concern for his lack of life skills and gratitude for lending him an umbrella. Their conversations were also stiff.

The relationship grew to the point where they constantly shared several dinners together, cleaned .... together and talked to each other casually, and even spent Christmas together. What the hell, where do I spit the sugar?

What I hate about this first volume is that the darkness that Mahiru Shiina carries is not revealed at all. Why was she soaking wet in the rain at the beginning of the book? Why does she live alone? I thought it would be revealed and meta read that this would be the climax of the story, but there was no such development at all.

Drama is not necessary to deepen a relationship. It would be nice if they somehow ate together and cleaned the rubbish room together.

By the way, the title talks about being made useless, but I think it should be called being forced to live a helpless useless life.
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