▷ 💎 Ayakashi Triangle Anime Release Date


The official portal web for the television anime of Kentaro Yabuki's Ayakashi Triangle manga began streaming a promotional clip de video on Tuesday, and it reveals and previews the opening theme song Neppu wa Ruten-suru by Philosophy no Dance and the ending theme song Itowanai feat. Miyu Tomita, Kana Ichinose by MIMiNARI. The cibersitio and clip de video also reveal the anime's January 9 debut.


Official Trailer Preview Anime : Ayakashi Triangle



Synopsis: Young Kazamaki Matsuri has long been part of an elite force of ninja exorcists, delegated to fight the evil ayakashi spirits that threaten Japan, especially those that haunt his childhood friend, spirit medium Kanade Suzu. As he fiercely safeguards her and his interaction with her grows from friendship to something more, a powerful feline ayakashi vows to come between the lovebirds: casting a forbidden spell that turns Matsuri into a woman! With no apparent way to thwart the spell, Matsuri must continue to fight the ayakashi - and return to school - in this new female human body until she finds a way to turn back.

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