I'm sure many Chinese anime fans have seen the anime Yuan Long . It is known that the donghua is based on a novel of the same name, but the novel is not very well known and many people have not heard of it, let alone seen it.

However, the donghua was not well received and became a big hit, becoming the most popular manhua in the Chinese comics section of a website.


But unfortunately it did not last long, after the second season changed to a new director, because of various operations led to a big drop in the reputation of Yuan Long, the plot is also unbearable to watch, many people gave up before finishing reading.

We are at the end of November and there was no news about the third season of Yuan Long . Many people, including myself, thought that the third season of Yuan Long would not come out this year, but to my surprise, the third season of Yuan Long was scheduled for November 24th all of a sudden.

Gao Yao Y Song Yan has a new identity

One of the highlights of the trailer is that the popular characters Gao Yao and Song Yan have new identities. One of them, Gao Yao has transformed into the secretary of the protagonist Wang Sheng, wearing a unique modern secretary outfit and seeing the environment Gao Yao and Wang Sheng are in, it's in a modern city. 

And Song Yan? On the other hand, she has changed from being the lady of the Song family of the Elemental Soul world to a modern woman . To be honest, this change of identity is not very acceptable.


What was Yuan Long's worldview in the first and second seasons, how has it changed drastically in the third season?

No wonder many people say that the donghua is officially getting carried away. Anyone who has seen the first and second seasons of this Chinese anime would say the same thing. Although the first season was heavily retouched and didn't follow the novel, at least the main plot remained the same but the third season doesn't match the original work anywhere.

Trailer Donghua YUAN LONG Season 3

Synopsis: Wang Sheng wakes up in the modern world, where everything is very real and dreamlike. The appearance of the young master of the Dai family, a legacy of the Imperial City, adds to the confusion of the situation. A betting game between a small man and a big man makes Wang Sheng realise that it is not just a battle between him and the young master of the Dai family. As the world gathered for the banquet, Wang Sheng had to step back in front of the stage. Although Wang Sheng knows that the battle of swords and spears on the field is far less than the dark tide below, he does not know that the world is quietly turning into the counters of another game ....... He seems to have suddenly awoken from a dream, but the key to breaking the game is still hidden in the dream. At the same time, the wheel inscribed with the nine words of truth also turns silently...

Source : Bilibili

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