▷ ⭐ Characters : Who is Alicia from the anime Uncle from Another World ?

 Alicia is a novice adventurer. Despite her childish, girlish appearance, she is in her early twenties. She has semi-long greyish hair and rather large breasts. She is a holy mage who wields holy magic and wears white robes and a hat. She has a bright and honest personality and parties with her childhood friends Edgar Kloestorger and Lyga Stryga in search of adventure. However, they encounter an army of goblins advancing on a remote village and find themselves in a desperate situation, but are saved by their uncle. 

In fact, he witnesses his uncle re-establishing the protections in the sealed city of Rubandrum, and comes to respect him for this, as well as for defeating the goblin army. However, his distrustful uncle misunderstands him and has his memory wiped in order to destroy the evidence. As a result, the goblin army thought that they themselves had mysteriously defeated him. However, she later becomes involved in the various agendas of the kingdom and is recognised as a "Sacred Heroine" for her success in defeating the goblin army.


As a Heroine in name only, he was used by the powerful, but after meeting his uncle, he conquered the dungeon of the "Labyrinth of Deep Darkness", obtained the "Wand of Salvation" and quickly gained power. Moreover, as the uncle took the credit and became a hero, he felt responsible and convinced Riccardo-Markfeld, an important figure in the kingdom, to help him. From then on, he was no longer used for political purposes. Since then, she has sometimes met the uncle again on her travels and has often fought alongside him. 

In fact, as a child, she was rescued by the village watchmen when he was taken away by the goblins. Due to the shock of this incident, she has lost all memory of her former life, and her true name and age are unknown. She has determined that she was approximately 10 years old from a torn birthday card, which was her only possession at the time. When she was taken in by her current foster parents, they named her "Alice". 

She was so traumatised by the memory loss of this event that the uncle erased Alicia-Edelsia's memory twice, without knowing that he had done so. Later, when the uncle found out about this, he honestly confessed and promised never to erase Alice's memory again, and they reconciled. She has known Edgar and Lyga since she was a child, but has never been romantically involved with them. When people around her asked her about it, she was rejected by Edgar and Lyga, who apologised earnestly.

Source: Manga

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