▷ ⭐ Characters : Who is Sherry Barnett from the anime The Eminence in Shadow ?

Sherry Barnett is a girl who attends the Midgar Mage Academy. She is a schoolmate of Cid Kagenou. She wears her semi-long peach-colored hair in two pigtails and has a reserved personality.



Her parents are deceased, and she is being raised by her adoptive father, Ruslan, while focusing on artifact research. She befriended Cid after he gave her some chocolates on a whim. Her mother was a famous scholar who researched artifacts, and she inherited her late mother's research, so she has a wide range of knowledge, mainly artifact information. 

She gets involved when the school is taken over by the fake Garden of Shadows, but she encounters the Shadow without knowing the truth that Ruslan was the mastermind behind it and that he was also the one who killed her parents with the excuse of a robbery. Therefore, he mistakenly believes that it was the Shadow Garden dark organization that occupied the school and that Ruslan was involved in a Shadow Garden conspiracy , was killed by Shadow. After Ruslan's death, he decided to study at Academic City, said goodbye to Cid and left.


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