▷ 📚 Summary Volume 2 : Light Novel Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita ( Episode 5 , 6 , 7 and 8 )

 Brief Synopsis Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita Light Novel Volume 2


Together with Fran, the master conquered a dungeon with a large number of goblins. However, some adventurers are not convinced that young Fran was able to conquer the dungeon on her own. The guild takes this very seriously and asks Fran to take on a high-level mission.


Impressions Light Novel : Reincarnated as a Sword I Became the Sword by Transmigrating TenKen


At 12 years old, Fran is a girl who in Japan would be considered a high school student. Even the tragic Byakkotai, organised by the Aizu clan, was made up of 16-year-olds who had been educated at school.

In addition to his age, Fran is also a member of the Black Cat tribe, which is considered the weakest of the Black Cats. Her arms are slender and her height is compact. It's hard to believe that she has conquered a dungeon all by herself.

And it's not just any dungeon.

It is a dungeon that has been infested with goblins to the point that a stampede (a phenomenon where the dungeon overflows with monsters and gets out of control) will soon occur. It would be hard to believe if the guilds had not been seen to organise dedicated teams, enter the dungeons before everyone else to attack with a decree and then destroy them. This is a fact. Those who have read the first volume will know what I mean.


The battle between the Demon and Fran

 The boss of the dungeon was a little fry called Goblin Rare but it was a demon who practically ran the dungeon. Some of you may have been surprised, for example, when Fran's left arm was easily severed (well, it was attached the next moment).

With the Hand Demon ability, the combat range was also extended with the Skill Taken ability, an ability that can take away skills. He immediately took the ability to detect lies. There is no skill more useful than this, not only for combat, but also for living in a world of deception and being deceived, where there are many dangers.

It's been a smooth ride, but the problems still pile up.

For various reasons, Fran has become an adventurer of rank D. This is an exceptionally fast start, but in terms of ability, she is considered to be at a level where C is not a problem.

However, it is not so easy to move up the ranks.

One of the reasons is a systemic problem. To move up the ranks, you have to complete a certain number of requests, or complete quests that also serve as promotion tests. However, as a special exception, ranks can be raised for those who have made great achievements.

The dungeon successes in the first volume of the book are sufficiently equivalent to such exceptions. However, the adventurers around them are not convinced. It seems that if they continue to swell their ranks, the credibility of the guild ... will be at stake.


Therefore, Fran and the rest of the people were asked to form a group to conquer Alessa's dungeon, which was used for the D-rank promotion tests. If they could do this, they would be recognised as a D-rank ability for the time being.

However, this dungeon raid was not straightforward in many respects.

First of all, there was a man who immediately said to me: "There is no way that this guy is D-rank, I'm going to play with her for a while". It was Krad, a rank E adventurer. Needless to say, he was defeated by Fran.

The inside of the dungeon was used for D-rank promotion tests, so it had a certain level of difficulty. The trap spiders that inhabit the dungeon are, as the name suggests, demonic beasts that set traps and intercept adventurers. These traps are placed everywhere, and it is a dangerous place to die if you are not careful.

Even so, they are D-ranked. Also, the guild controls the appearance of super-powered demonic beasts for promotion trials and to collect materials, so unless something bad happens, you won't die. To make matters worse, Amanda, an A-rank adventurer attracted by Fran's sympathy, accompanies the group and it was thought that it would be more difficult ... for her to die. To her surprise, the spider traps that inhabited the dungeon had evolved across the board.

There are widespread ependymoma spider-traps, and even more ependymoma spider-traps there are many transfer traps and forcing you to remove your equipment, and the traps are even said to be "as good as high-ranking dungeon traps".

Can you conquer that dungeon ...or even get out alive? Swords get stronger the more you overcome tough battles. The fun battle and dungeon attack scenes continue in this second volume .
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