▷ 📚 Summary Volume 3 : Light Novel Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita ( Episode 9 , 10 , 11 and 12 )

 Brief Synopsis Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita Light Novel Volume 3


On their way to the dungeon city of Ulmut, the Master and Fran stop in the port city of Dars. There they are attacked by an organisation that is taking advantage of the chaos caused by the change of king on the island nation of Seedran to kidnap and traffic children. Naturally, they return the favour, but, in the process, they also set out to rescue the kidnapped children.


Impressions Light Novel : Reincarnated as a Sword I Became the Sword by Transmigrating TenKen


In the first half of the second volume, she is tasked with a promotion test and is gifted by a super-powerful magical beast named Urushi. Fran was able to deepen her friendship with Amanda, an A-ranked adventurer and deepen her knowledge of skills. While learning about the setting, I also enjoyed the combat, which also aroused a good sense of urgency.

In the second part, on the way to the Ulmut dungeon, which I was entitled to enter as a reward for a request, I took on the challenge of conquering a dungeon on a floating island with the necromancer Jean Doobie, where zombie monsters abound.

Jean's way of fighting as a necromancer, summoning monsters, was different and more interesting than that of Fran. Besides, this man, Jean, is probably stronger than Fran. However, the crisis is coming. The difficulty of this dungeon was quite high and the fight was on the edge until the end.

The final battle with the King of the Dead would have killed both Fran and Jean, if it wasn't for a special intelligence weapon master. The truth about the Dead Spirit King deep inside the dungeon brings tears to the eyes, as the super important information is revealed that not only is the soul of the master from his previous life inside him, but also something else.

Volume II is a cohesive volume in its own right, and is easy enough to recommend, without the lacy closure characteristic of online novels. Likewise, the third volume is not a half-finished and incomplete ending, but a neat conclusion, which makes us suspect that it may have been tweaked for the book version.


Let's start with the third volume, which is so well put together.

 The story begins in the port city of Dars. It seems that there will soon be a festival, and the city is so crowded that it is impossible to rent a place to stay. Fran is also one of those who are in trouble because they have outgrown their accommodation, but he is an adventurer of rank D. Through the Adventurer's Guild, he was able to find a place to stay. What she has is power.

However, she is not well known. She looks like a black cat girl and doesn't look strong or even an adventurer. Maybe that is why she is attacked by adults who take her for granted, that she is a kind of necessary expense.

Even without the power of a master, in the face of Urushi's followers and her still unfathomable magical talent, she can turn the tables on adults who target only children. The girl who repeatedly drops her arms and heels and performs gruesome torture with a face of circumstance, I don't know what kind of feeling she should be. 

The information revealed by the torture is that "there has been a change of king in the Seedran Island nation" and that "the Seedran Island nation is in turmoil and the situation is disturbed". A disturbed situation means that criminals are more likely to settle in. Those who attacked Fran have established a base of operations on Seedran and are taking advantage of the chaos to kidnap and traffic children.

On their way to Ulmud, Fran and her mentor head out to rescue the children. They are surprised to find the sixth and seventh heirs to the throne of the Kingdom of Phileas in the prison where they are being held. Normally, such important people would have an escort, but it seems they were naughty ... And they slipped past the guards and were kidnapped. It's lucky they didn't know it was a prince.

The prince is called Furt and the princess is called Satya. At his request, Fran is hired to escort the ship back to the country. To get to Ulmud, she has to get on the boat anyway. And because of the festival, it seems that the boat cannot be booked now. But little do they know that the boat trip is the beginning of an intense adventure, a battle that will decide the future of the country.


The unique magical beasts of the sea have been depicted in tales from all ages and cultures. The Kraken is a classic example, but this time we are attacked by a giant worm-like creature, the Midgalsorum, a sea serpent. Against the giant creature, which shoves everything that moves into its mouth and swallows it, it would be nice to say that the master is a warrior ... But the master was useless, so he won a tough victory with Deathgaze, a magic sword with instant death capability.

Pirate attacks, for example, are a regular occurrence. The scene where the pirate fleet comes in a big line and the pirates are defeated by shooting magic from the sky is a pleasant experience. She can handle everything on her own, can't she?

Just when she thinks she can handle everything on her own, an enemy appears that escapes her control. The Seadran navy. If Fran were to cast her magic from the sky and sink the ship, it could provoke a war between Seadran and the Filliers Kingdom.

After all, she is only an adventurer. She cannot meddle in affairs between nations.

At this point, she cannot yet ... Imagine that she will become a heroine who saves the nation from here. It was a heroic story full of vicissitudes.
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