▷ 📚 Summary Volume 1 : Light Novel Reincarnated as a Sword

Brief Synopsis of Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita Volume 1


I found myself reborn in another world in the form of a sword. He has willpower and can use magic. I was enjoying gaining skills one after another by absorbing magical stones obtained from defeating demonic beasts, but...


Impressions Light Novel : Reincarnated in a sword I became the sword transmigrating to TenKen


Swords are full of the romance of men.

A brave man's weapon is usually a sword. Samurai have swords, pirates have sabers, and there are many other forms of swords that characterize their existence. However, swords that understand human language and communicate with people are not so common.

The story progresses from the point of view of the sword. The story is told from the sword's point of view, and while it is similar to Ragnarok, the worldview is more game-like than an actual fantasy.

As you gain experience in battle, your level increases and you receive skill points. New skills can be acquired by assigning them. The number of skills you can acquire increases as you meet certain conditions. If you wield a sword, you get swordsmanship skills, if you use a bow, you get archery skills and so on.

The same goes for the protagonist who is a sword. The only difference is that the skills that can be acquired are those that the demonic beast had by absorbing the magic stones that can be obtained by defeating the demonic beast.


In other words, the skills used by super-strong demonic beasts can be used as long as you can defeat them and obtain the magic stones. If you are a normal human, you won't even have a chance to acquire the abilities of a demonic beast, but if you use a sword, you can acquire them.

Right after reincarnation, the protagonist was trapped in the middle of a grassy field. The goblin approaching the sword was very interested in it, so he used his "telekinesis" to levitate and attack it. Then, the goblin had "Mixed Art 1" and "Dig a Hole 2", which could be acquired.

With such a streak, and defeating enemies all the while, he arrived at a certain cave. There he was also defeating demonic beasts, but his luck ran out when the ground he had stuck his head into to rest turned out to have the property of "absorbing magic power". ...... Or was it fate, considering subsequent events? Anyway, the protagonist cannot use any magic and spends a lot of time trapped there.

It was Fran, a slave girl from the Black Cat tribe, who went through the cave and pulled out the sword.

The Black Cat tribe is an unfortunate breed

As their name suggests, they are a race of beastmen with black cat ears. However, it is even said that they are the weakest race, and their combat strength is nil. Some even go so far as to say that they can only be used as slaves. If we say that they accepted such words and accepted a life as slaves, one can understand the harshness with which they are treated by the Black Cat Tribe.


Such a black cat tribe, Fran, has obtained a sword that collects magic stones by itself and becomes stronger. In addition, he named it Master, who speaks to him with the ability of "telepathy", and decided to travel with the help of Master to "evolve", a long cherished desire of the Black Cat Tribe.

Each of the races living in this world can obtain an ability called "Awakening" when certain conditions are met, such as when their level rises to the upper limit. When this is used, each race "evolves" and becomes super-strengthened.

The Black Cat race, considered unfavorable, has never "evolved" until now. One of the reasons may be their combat power, which is considered the weakest, but even more is the fact that they have suffered divine punishment in the past, which has prevented them from obtaining the "awakening" skill.

Fran, who wants to obtain the skill "Awaken" as a black cat tribe being a slave. Master wants to look around the world. Their interests coincide and a trial and error battle will develop in the future.

The starting line of being the weakest race and a slave started from the bottom. However, only in this first volume, it breaks through , gains strength and status. The strength comes not only from the power of a single master, but also from Fran's own original agility, her dedication to her dream to evolve and the help of the people around her. Her status is based on the number of requests she has completed since registering as an adventurer, to become stronger.

Many mock her and take her for a weaker tribal girl. They are the majority. Wanting to look them in the eye, the reader becomes emotionally involved in the battle between the two .  The road of evolution will be a long one. The story makes you want to cheer them on and wish them good luck .
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