▷ 📚 OWARI NO SERAPH what happened AFTER the anime ? - 3 SEASON

This time we bring you a summary of the continuation of Owari no seraph which would be the beginning of Season 3 if the anime will continue.

Owari no seraph - Volume 12

Three months after the battle at Nagoya Airport. Krul Tepes, who was discovered to have conspired with humans to carry out the human experiment "Seraph of the End", was captured as a traitor by Ferid Bathory. Yuichiro Hyakuya and his friends were sent to a fishing village out of sight of the Japanese. Meanwhile, Shinoa Hiragi and the others decide that they had better enlist Kururu's cooperation to prevent Yuichiro from becoming a demon. However, Ferid, the person who captured Krul, and Crowley Eusford, who fought in Nagoya, appear there.


Provoked by Ferid, Yuichiro attacks Ferid, but Ferid's purpose is to help Yuichiro by administering a demonic curse inhibitor to Yuichiro's ex-partner and Mikela, a girl who should have died four years ago. It was to teach him how to revive Akane Hyakuya.  On the other hand, Guren Ichinose, who returned to Tokyo at that time, goes to Shinya Hiragi, who has been captured. In the middle of the night, Glen tells her that he is sane, which makes the night even more confusing.

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