▷ ✅ How Many Episodes Are In Shinobi No Ittoki ?

 If you are here is because you are interested to know the episodes has the awesome anime series called Shinobi No Ittoki .  The series has a total of 12 episodes .




Official Trailer Preview Anime : Shinobi No Ittoki



Synopsis: Ittoki Sakuraba was an ordinary student, until his story took a turn. He finds out that he is the nineteenth heir of the famous Iga ninjas. The Iga have to try to protect what is theirs from the Koga, a competing clan that wishes to end Ittoki's life. Ittoki has no choice but to transform himself into a shinobi deep enough to not only protect himself, but also his village. Now, as a student of the Kokuten Ninja Academy, a preeminent school specializing in shinobi techniques, Ittoki learns the way of the new ninja, equipped with high-tech suits and gadgets. Together with students from other villages, Ittoki confronts the Koga in an attempt to end the rivalry once and for all. 

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