▷ 🔥 Release date : Long Zu ( Dragon Raja ) Season 2

The first season of the Dragon Raja chinese anime based on the novel of the same name has finally officially come to an end. At first, there are high expectations, after all, the novel itself is very hot and is the childhood work of many people.


The production company for this anime is not just any company, but the same company that produced Fox Spirit Matchmaker .  Luo Shui Hua Yuan is a division of Emmon Animation and is responsible for the specific production of Fox Spirit Matchmaker.

Dragon Raja season 1 is finished and analysis according to Chinese fans.

 The character was questionable from the beginning, Caesar and Nuo Nuo were not really boyfriend and girlfriend but Caesar was chasing Nuo Nuo and the others were also questionable.

Then there is the dubbing, if the character is just problematic then the dubbing is a disaster going through the director and even some other important characters, if you haven't read the original novel that's fine, having read the original I'm sure a lot of people can't see it because it doesn't match the original at all.


The plot is a mess compared to the dubbing, many of the famous scenes were not done well. Officially there is a second season confirmed from the official weibo account .

Now that the first season of Long Zu is over and many people have no hope for the second season, after all, the first season didn't even do well, so what's the point of waiting for a second season (according to Chinese fans) . Obviously, the makers know that many people have no hope or interest in a second season, but they have spoken out anyway, sending out a tweet clearly stating that there is a second season and posting a promotional image previewing the second season.


The official account did not say when the second season will be available, Chinese production is progressing, the fastest is eight to ten months, if it is to be done well, then it will take more than a year but the second season is not going to follow the original version, but the censored version as many people think.

For the second season of Dragon Raja, a lot of people want a Japanese company to do it, after all, Japan has been developing 2D and is capable of doing it well, Chinese 2D companies are not very good. But it's a matter of the author Jiangnan's headline, let's see how they choose.

Source : Weibo

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