▷ ⭐ Characters : Who is Hitory Goto from the anime Bocchi the Rock ?

Hitory Gotoh is a girl who attends Shuhua High School. She wears her peach-colored hair in a messy way and always wears a sweater. She confesses to being a "shady" person who is one step away from being a recluse and despite having a stronger need for approval than others, she has a shy personality and is extremely uncomfortable interacting with others. 

As a result, they show emotional instability by immediately going into their own world and becoming depressed. She has a habit of hiding in closets and cardboard boxes and carries a "ripe mango mask" with her. He is not good at sports or academics and, despite taking his classes seriously, he falls just short of a red note in his studies due to his innate ineptitude. He was painfully aware that he had nothing going for him, so he started playing guitar after reading an interview in high school in which a person with an obscure personality became popular by playing in a band. Through daily practice, his guitar skills reached professional level, but he eventually graduated high school without a place to showcase his skills and without making friends. He now broadcasts videos under the name "Guitar Hero".



 Invited by Ijichi Nijika, who was looking for a guitarist, she joined the "Unity Band" and started playing in a band. He is the guitarist and lyricist of the band. Since then, Ryo Yamada nicknamed him "Bocchi". His guitar skills are quite good, but he has no experience in playing with others in a session, so he is unable to play properly in the band. However, he gradually became able to play as part of a band, and at a school festival live performance, despite an accident with equipment problems, he led the band to a successful live performance by improvising and performing a bottleneck technique. 

The guitar she borrowed from her father broke during the festival, so she used the money she earned from video streaming ad revenue to get a new one. She is too shy to go to the hairdresser and always covers her eyes with her bangs. She also wears a knitted sweater, so people don't notice her but she is actually so pretty that even people of the same sex can't help but admire her. She has the potential to be considered a "visual person" who can get into an idol agency if she keeps calm and dresses well, but she can only keep a pretty face for 10 seconds, and her strange behavior ruins everything.

 Source : Official website
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