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 Isekai Ojisan Manga Volume 1

A 17-year-old boy in a coma after a car accident suddenly wakes up in autumn 2017, 17 years after the accident, and meets a boy claiming to be his nephew, Keifumi Takaoka ('Takafumi'). The former boy, now uncle, begins to tell a puzzling story, saying he was in the otherworldly Grand Bahamal while in a coma. Takafumi finds Uncle creepy and tries to drive him away.

On the other hand, Uncle shows Takafumi that the other world he was in is real by showing him the magic he learned in Grand Bahamal. Takafumi then comes up with the idea of using his uncle's skills to become a YouTuber. He also learns about the events of the other world from his uncle, and his life is in danger as he is mistaken for a demon and hunted by the first people he meets, and is hanged for making up something taboo in the otherworldly religion.

However, life in the other world is not all bad, and the story relates some pleasant events, such as the interaction with the tsundere elf who saved the uncle's situation. It was revealed that the uncle was a die-hard fan of SEGA games, and he demonstrated his ardent love for the games by getting angry about the unsatisfactory results of the game popularity survey in the latest issue of SEGA Saturn magazine.




 Isekai Ojisan Manga Volume 2


Uncle was making money as a YouTuber, but a change in YouTube's partner program caused his income to plummet. The story then shifts to Uncle's experiences in the other world, where he helps solve an incident in the sealed city of Rubeldrum, defeats a horde of goblins with the people of the other world, and an incident reveals his relationship with Mabel, who resents him, and his true identity as a descendant of a Japanese .



  Isekai Ojisan Manga Volume 3


The Ice Clan, also known as Mabel, with roots in real-world Japan, was founded by a samurai who lost his life in battle 400 years ago, and the Frozen God Sword, which was given to him by God as a benefit of his reincarnation in the other world, was passed down to his descendants. Meanwhile, the uncle who heard the story related that he had not received the privilege of reincarnation, and recalled the events of his first day of reincarnation in Great Bahamal.

Going back in his memory, the benefit of reincarnation he received was "translation", and just when he thought he would have no trouble communicating with the people of the other world, his dull-looking uncle is considered a subspecies of orc in a different world where beautiful men and women abound. He is caught, sold to a freak show for a low price and locked in a cell. At that point, he awakens to the magic of light and uses the sword of light he has acquired to fight the demonic beasts.

He then told how, on the ninth day after his reincarnation in the Great Bahamar, his uncle defeated the demonic-venom dragon with a single blow, saved the tsundere elf from the threat of death, began to receive chases from the elf, and three years after the battle with the demonic-venom dragon, he and the elf were attending the winter festival.


 Isekai Ojisan Manga Volume 4  


In the other world, the legendary hero Uncle seeks is revealed to be Alice, one of the friends he once adventured with, and Alice and her party are praised for their achievement in defeating a horde of 50,000 demons, including goblins. However, this feat is supposed to have been performed almost exclusively by Uncle, but for the three of them, including Alice, the memory of Uncle was wiped away and became their achievement.

Uncle embarked on an adventurous journey with Alice and her group, challenging them to acquire the Rod of Salvation in the Labyrinth of Deep Darkness. While using magic to investigate the inner workings of the Labyrinth, he easily obtained the Wand of Salvation, but Alice and her friends did not feel a sense of accomplishment. So, Uncle erased his memory of Alice and the others, entered the labyrinth adventure once more and, after a series of hardships, won the Wand of Salvation.



Afterwards, Uncle went to the royal capital on his own to clear up the misunderstanding of Alice and her group, who had acquired the title of legendary heroes by chance, and visited the priest Sernegan, who had the authority to name heroes. And when he discovers the truth about the naming of heroes for such worthy adventures as Alice's, he speaks out against the Church, which abuses the right to name heroes to line its own pockets, and uses its powers of argument through transformation magic to hunt down murderers.

At the same time, the circumstances leading to this state of emergency are said to have begun with Uncle's defeat of the demonic fire and demonic poison, which triggered the mass migration of the goblins and the disappearance of the wards in the sealed city due to an imbalance of demonic power. Uncle, who realised that he was the trigger for the incident, could not refute it.


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