▷ ⚒️ Research Reveals Growth in Problems At Work in Japan

The number of occupational accidents in Japan during 2021 has been compiled. The number of fatalities was 867, an increase of 65 compared to the previous year. Although occupational accidents have been declining over the long term, they have risen again for the first time in four years. The figures were driven by the construction and road transport sectors. The number of fatalities in the construction sector increased by 30, up from 258 in the previous year. In the road freight transport sector, the number of fatalities rose by eight, from 87 to 95.




Labour shortages are a problem in a number of industries in Japan. Currently, the public and private sectors are working together to create a labour system with sufficient time and manpower, encouraging the use of information technology, ensuring diversity of human resources and creating a work environment that facilitates work for all. However, as the number of accidents continues to rise, any holes may need to be plugged urgently.


Fuente : Oricon

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