▷ 🏴☠️ Trailer , Preview and Release Date for One piece Chapter 1025

ONE PIECE entire planet narrative took a twist with the disappearance of Oden Kozuki 20 years before current events. Influenced by the actions of the rightful Shogun, an adolescent Yamato has chosen to embody his will while the 9 Red Sheaths embark on a journey through the folds of time. to get everything immediately.

 Like the two, Yamato collides with his father in the dome just before the protagonist of ONE PIECE returns. In chapter 1025 of the manga, Luffy tries to convince the mature dragon child to fly to Onigashima. Shinobu and the rest of the audience watch the scene, all speechless and stunned by the events.


 Meanwhile, Yamato makes certain attacks and defends herself from her father's blows, but she begins to give up and Kaido mocks her, remembering that all of his few friends have died. With ferocity and fury, he begins to beat her while she is still on the ground, reminding her that she is the daughter of a demon. Meanwhile, Momonosuke flies away, albeit with his eyes closed, and thus flies towards Onigashima Castle. Floor after floor, Momonosuke reaches the top and Luffy is able to transform with Gear Fourth. At that very moment, Yamato launches an attack on Kaido with the Haki of the Conquering Monarch: they hit the emperor at the same time and injure him.

 Kaido transforms into a dragon, Luffy confirms that he will be the Pirate Monarch, in which Momonosuke announces that he is Wano's new Shogun. The final battle of ONE PIECE begins.

 ONE PIECE Episode 1025 premieres on Sunday, June 17, 2022


 One Piece Episode 1025 Trailer



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