▷ 💸 Railway Sector Functional Companies Will Increase Minimum Wage Rise 2022 For High School Graduates!

The increase will be applied retroactively to a total of 50 new employees who joined the company this spring, with an increase of 7,000 yen to 188,500 yen. In view of the recent increase in the number of employee departures, the aim of the starting salary revision is to ensure excellent human resources and improve job satisfaction.




The basic salaries of young employees up to their fourth year of employment will also be increased to 7,000 yen retroactively from April. Together with regular wage increases, this will increase the base salary by approximately 10% over a two-year period.

The company will also improve the starting salary for potential hires (career positions for university graduates and postgraduates), increasing it retrospectively from 218,500 yen in 2009 to 223,500 yen for those joining the company this spring, and to 230,000 yen in 2011.


Source : Oricon
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