▷ 📚 Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi exceeds 2,800 sales with latest Blu-ray / DVD

A week after its release in the Japanese market, the third and final Blu-ray/DVD compilation package containing the anime light novel habit Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi has reportedly sold 2,852 copies.



The pack was released on 26 May and contains episodes 9 to 12 of this habit. The Blu-ray version costs 14,300 yen (about $137) and has sold 2,457 copies. The DVD version costs 12,100 yen (about $116) and has sold 395 copies. Here you can finish counting the cumulative sales:

  1.      Pack 1, released on 24 March 2021, sold 3,015 copies in the first week.
  2.      Pack 2, released on 28 April 2021: 2,765 copies sold (-8.28%) in the first week.
  3.      Pack 3, released on 26 May 2021: 2,852 copies sold in the first week (+3.14%).

As a result, the series premiered in Japan during the winter season of 2021 (January-March) and consisted of 12 episodes. Rui Tsukiyo has been publishing single novels through Kadokawa since June 2017 with art by Shiokombu. A manga adaptation of Souken Realize will also be published in October 2017.


Source : animesweet
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