▷ ✅ How Many Episodes Are In Uncle From Another World ?

If you are here is because you are interested to know the episodes has the awesome anime series called Uncle From Another World .  The series has a total of 12 episodes .




Official Trailer Preview Anime : Uncle From Another World



Synopsis: Seventeen years ago, Takafumi's uncle fell into a coma, but now he has returned as a man rising from his grave. Quick, Takafumi finds 2 strange things: his uncle values ​​video games above all else, and since he was in a coma, he was actually transported to another world as a heroic guardian. Now, Takafumi not only has to live with an uncle who is literally magical, he also has to enhance him with 2 decades of history: capable phones, high-speed internet, new anime tropes... and the traumatic aftermath of a 1990s. Console Wars !

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