▷ ✅ How Many Episodes Are In Orient Season 2 ?

If you are here is because you are interested to know the episodes has the awesome anime series called Orient Season 2 .  The series has a total of 12 episodes .




Official Trailer Preview Anime : Orient Season 2


Synopsis: The fierce battle for Awaji Island begins now! With the advent of the all-powerful Kishin, Hinomoto land is now ruled by the Oni, not the humans. Musashi and Kanemaki Kojiro left their hometown promising to form the strongest bushi gang of all time, and after meeting Hattori Tsugumi on their journey, the three found Kanemaki bushi. With the only weapon capable of killing oni, the Kitetsu Blades, they took the first giant step towards their dream. In Harima, the Musashi Ensemble will meet with the monumental group of Uesugui Bushi and their leader, Uesugi Tatsuomi. They have gathered to kill the great Kishin who threatens to devour Awaji Island: Yamata no Orochi, the Artillery Serpent. Next to them are Takeda Naotora and Takeda Bushi, as well as various bushi of the same age as Musashi, such as Shimazu Akihiro and Amako Katsumi. Then there is the introverted and thinly protected princess Saruwatari Michiru. As the different plans change and interact, Musashi and his friends join the hunt for Kishin. Yamata no Orochi is an out of control demon god who has never been scratched before. And thus, the fiercest contest of each of...

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