▷ ✅ How Many Episodes Are In Call Of The Night ?

If you are here is because you are interested to know the episodes has the awesome anime series called Call Of The Night .  The series has a total of 13 episodes .




Official Trailer Preview Anime : Call Of The Night


Sypnosis : Tormented by insomnia and wanderlust, Kou Yamori drives out into the moonlit streets every night in an aimless search for something he can't seem to name. His nocturnal ritual is marked by aimless introspection until he meets Nazuna, who may be a vampire! Kou's new comrade could offer him dark gifts and vampire immortality. But there are conditions that must be met before Kou can sink his teeth into vampirism, and he must learn how far he is willing to go to satisfy his desires before he can even hear the Call of the Night!


Source : Official Account

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