▷ 🔥 Japanese Students Prepare For Free Cybersecurity Courses Online In Competition

On 4 July, NPO El Community announced the second edition of CyberSakura, a cybersecurity education programme for middle and high school students. TwoFive and Ember Point explained the basics of BIMI technology, use cases and implementation steps. The goal of the competition is to develop cybersecurity personnel who will lead Japan in the future.




CyberSakura is a Japanese CyberPatriot competition, a cybersecurity education programme developed by the AFA and organised by Northrop Grumman. It is organised by the NPO L-Community of Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, with technical support from ict4e Inc, an information technology company also in Fukui Prefecture.

In the first edition, held last year in 2021, 24 teams of 90 middle and high school students from all over the country participated, and the three teams that participated in the finals and their ranking in the final round are as follows.

Fuente : Oricon
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