▷ 🔥 Men feminise themselves by processing their selfies on FaceAPP Online For Android

Accounts of men who enjoy cross-dressing on the photo app FaceApp as "kakojo" are spreading on Twitter. One of them is Mai Hamai (@Hamuo3rd), who posts photos of women with half-length hair, enjoys taking everyday selfies and "feminising" them. She says she is "extremely happy when I can make my face look 'miraculous'". We asked her about her "longing" to be feminised.




I don't dress up as a woman but when I take a selfie to become a woman and be the beautiful woman I want to be, it makes me very happy. I was especially happy when I was able to create a "miracle face". This is the case of Kakojo, which I use for my social media icons, profiles and video material. It is very difficult to recreate the same face, and depending on the colour of the light and the angle of the face when you take a selfie, you can create a very clear and wonderful face".

 Mai Hamai is married with children, and his whole family knows about his hobby. They even tell him: "I think this is quite weird. Sometimes my family gets angry with me because I proudly show them my photos. No one in my family is interested in what I do. It's like, 'Hmmm'. But if it became a business, they might change their minds . But I want to keep it as a 'hobby' as it is now..... For Mai Hamai, it has become an irreplaceable hobby. She now uses other processing tools to refine her original facial parts before feminising them, allowing her to create a face completely different from her own and to her liking.

 Faceapp is an indispensable part of me. Without it, feminisation would not be easy. On Twitter, there are also courses to improve processing skills, fun events and other activities. If you're interested, take a look".

Fuente : Oricon
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