▷ 🔥 The Netflix Anime , Bastard !!! will have Season 2

In June, one of the rawest, most erotic and irreverent anime series of all time returned to Netflix's catalogue. The second part of Bastard!!! will premiere on the streaming platform in mid-September.



The journey of the mightiest wizard continues on Netflix from 15 September. Remembering the early days . The anime Bastard !! produced by Liden Films will pick up the story where it left off with the first 13 episodes and will make a part 2 . In the next episodes, from 14 to 24, the Kingdom of Meta-likana will once again challenge the threat of the 4 Heavenly Kings who try to revive the god of devastation, Anslasax.

 To prevent this horrible event, the wizards of the kingdom reawaken the ancient dark wizard Dark Tailor, now imprisoned in the human body of a child. It takes the kiss of a virgin to break the seal placed 15 years ago.


Source : animesweet
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