▷ 🎮 Square Enix has developed an Entertainment App for Engage Kiss and Date A Live , for the Android and IOS Store

 Square Enix has today, 2 July, launched pre-registration of the iOS/Android app Engage Kiss , which is scheduled for distribution. It is a smartphone game from 'Project Engage', a completely original project by Maruto Fumiaki of 'Saerenai Kanojo no Nuturekata' and TSUNAKO, illustrator of the Date A Live series. It is an animated timeline battle RPG set in the same world as the TV anime Engage Kiss, which began airing today, 2 July.




Like Engage Kiss , the game takes place in Baylon City, where special incidents caused by 'demons' called 'D Disasters' occur frequently. The story takes place with the characters from Engage Kiss, as well as many original characters from the game.


Fuente :  Oricon

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