▷ 📚 What VOLUME did The Rising of the Shield Hero END ? - Light Novel

From what is mentioned in volume 22 of The Rising of the Shield Hero it does not seem that the work is finished but it could be close to the end.



Synopsis of Volume 22 Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari :

To return to the original world, he goes to the Sanctuary in search of clues!

Shangwen succeeds in killing one of his arch-enemies, a pretender to God.
Siltran, a small country that has repelled the invasion of the great power Piensa, and the village where Shouwen and the others who helped them live, are constantly being scouted by people.

In the midst of this, an incident occurs in which Piensa attacks the countries that have proposed an alliance to Siltran. Shobun's comrades who were scouting for Piensa are also involved and are seriously injured.
Shobun tries somehow to heal him, but the wound is an [Unhealable] wound that even a brave man with a shield cannot heal...

If I can save the lives of my friends, I will use any means possible."
In Shobun's determination, a new ability blossoms!

The 22nd installment of the otherworldly rise-to-fame fantasy is here!

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