▷ ⭐ Characters : Who is Kuon from the anime Utawarerumono Mask of Truth ?

A traveler from distant lands to Yamato. A herbalist by trade, she is the one who saved Haku from the giant monstrosity. Calling herself "Haku's Guardian", she took on the responsibility of protecting Haku until she felt he could stand alone. He is shown to have a keen interest in the ancient ruins and an air of nobility surrounding it some would mention.




Kuon is the Princess of Tuskur. She was originally supposed to be sent to Yamato as her kingdom's diplomatic representative, but made the decision to flee her homeland and now wanders the land of Yamato as "simple traveler Kuon".

She is the biological daughter of Hakuowlo and Yuzuha, the first owl of Tuskur, and the legal half of the mortal path of the divine being known as Uitsulnemetia. He carries the power of the Fundamental Source in his blood, the source of tremendous power thanks to his father's nature.

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