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Short synopsis of Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu Volume 3

During a school trip, Leon gets caught up in a raid by the Duchy of Fanauth, fights against the army and rises through the ranks. Some nobles, feeling threatened by this, ally with the Duchy to fabricate charges and have him imprisoned. Unaware that this is the Duchy's goal...


Impressions Light Novel : Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

The war has begun in the preparation phase. It is not just about unleashing magic on the battlefield. Throughout history, many tricks have been used, from deception through information warfare to strategies to corrupt the opponent from within. Being able to obtain information is much more useful on the battlefield to gain an advantage and having a mole planted in the upper echelons of the adversary is a way to control the battlefield.

In that sense, the country with Leon was finished.

I want you to look at the upper echelons. They only think of their own interests. The fact that they wanted to take the airships and lost items that Leon had taken out of the dungeon is more a manifestation of their desire to have his items than a fear that he would turn against the country.

And his rise through the ranks also made him feel threatened in his own seat. Jealousy, suspicion and fear ...  anyway, the negative feelings directed at Leon increased, and the duchy probably took advantage of it.

First of all, Leon is undoubtedly the highest power in the country. If it could be contained, it would be easy to gain the upper hand in the war. That is the thinking of the Principality and that is why the unpleasant events are taking place.


In the midst of these backroom dealings, the first half of Volume III is taken from a story in which Leon joins the SS as a guard for Marie, who has become a saint and, as part of her activities, plunges into the dungeon on the island where the elves live.

To be clear, there is nothing Leon has trouble with in combat. If anything, the strongest knight in the duchy could be called his rival. For Leon, conquering the dungeon on the elven island is child's play.

However, there are many concerns.

First of all, the elven race did not exist in the Luxion data. This means that, at least at the time of the war between the old humans and the new humans, there were no elves. This means that the elven race was born while Luxion slept.

The dungeons of the island of such elves were full of machines made by the old humans. There were machines that read card keys and machines that could do even more if you went deeper into the dungeon. What did these machines mean?

In addition, Duchess Hertrude of the Duchy also accompanies the attack on the dungeon. She is a dangerous person who has been blaming the kingdom but if she is harmed, war will inevitably break out. She is a kind of hostage but she is quite arrogant.

Good. The war won't happen as long as Leon is here and the hostages are here.



Some of the allies are stupid enough to throw such an advantage down the drain. History and this light novel prove that incompetent allies are the most problematic. Incidentally, it was Leon's sister who trapped Leon. She ordered her own servants to place evidence of Leon's connection to the Principality in her room. It is evident that it was the superior who ordered it.

Leon was thus punished, his airship and his Luxion were taken away. Now Leon can no longer fight. He has no allies. They all threw stones at him, looked forward to his execution and gloated over the fact that they could take away his airship and Luxion for themselves.

It's a terrible world. Is there no salvation?

Olivia and Angelica joined Leon as one of their few allies. The villain, the hero of the game is determined to fight for the mafia. Olivia, hitherto protected by Leon, has completely turned into the face of a saintly fighter.  Angelica has put aside her pride, everything else and is ready to fight for the man she loves.

The war finally begins. With the fake saint turned saint and the princes falling in love with the fake saint, and taking a completely different path to the game, will they reach a happy ending? The key to it all is the mafia.

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