▷ ✔️ Review : Spare me great lord Anime Episode 1

 Wow. What a huge first episode! With only one episode, this anime offered an amazing masterpiece. I was in awe throughout this episode, I didn't want it to end. The genres that list it are action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy. And let me tell you, you get the perfect blend of it all in this first episode. Going from the characters to the building/magic system across the world, I can mention that it won't disappoint. From what has been revealed so far, there is no doubt that this series will be on my top list. You don't always get a win with just the first episode, but Da Wang Rao Ming delivered just that.


 An orphan Lu Shu and his sister Lu Xiaoyu who live bonded together in a once-common world will soon witness a whole new kind of magic. Recently, there have been rumors about the awakening of various magical abilities, "superpowers". We see Lu Shu as a metahuman who unlocks this superpower nested within him and the whole version of the magic aspect is pretty darn exclusive...plus it takes it further by collecting negative emotions from others. You can welcome the "Super Demon" Lu Shu .

 As you may have noticed, I highly recommend you check out this series, since the anime just started airing recently, there's a lot to find, however if it's not a masterpiece artwork of an ONA first episode, I don't know what is.

Thank you for taking the time to read, it's much appreciated!


Source : MyAnimeList

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