▷ 💎 Parallel World Pharmacy Anime Release Date


The television anime's staff for Liz Takayama's Isekai Yakkyoku novel released the anime's second trailer on Sunday. The progress shows more cast and crew members, as well as the anime's July 10 premiere. It also previews the opening subject "Musō-teki Chronicle" by Kaori Ishihara and the ending subject "Haku'u" by Little Black Dress.


Official Trailer Preview Anime : Parallel World Pharmacy Anime Release Date



Synopsis: In a society where questionable medical practices thrive, prices skyrocket due to the pharmaceutical guild's monopoly, and good medicines are out of reach for the common people. At that time, he was identified by the Supreme Chief and opened a pharmacy on the corner of the city. He will put an end to the fraud that has spread across the planet and provide the commoners with a truly effective medicine developed using today's pharmacology. So the pharmacist baby is going to cheat using his previous knowledge to create innovative medicines as he helps people from all over the parallel world by talking about how to live their new life at the highest level this time.


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