▷ ⭐Characters : Who is Evileye from the anime Overlord ?

Keeno Fasris Inberun is a ranked adventurer with the rank of adamantium and Magic caster of Blue Roses. Evileye is an old companion of the Thirteen Heroes who has once been known as the legendary Vampire Lord Landfall, who terrorised in the past.




Originally human, Evileye was transformed into a vampire in unknown situations. Once in her history, when she became a vampire, she destroyed an entire kingdom. With Evileye destroying uncharted territory, Brain explained that this is how the beginnings of this vampire's ancient name, Landfall, were born. In the web novel, the name Landfall is also called Landfall because it made a territory its capital and filled it with the dead. According to his statements on Landfall, he asserted that the Vampire Lord had theoretically been destroyed by the Thirteen Heroes. This could even mean that she could have been one of the evil deities that wreaked havoc across the nation two hundred years ago.

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