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The Tomodachi game is like the Squid x game between us that worked. So it is, it's a story about a group of friends who fight in a string of 'friends' games to pay off their debt and find out who the imposter is. As the story unfolds, we have the opportunity to see the characters choose between money and friends, which exposes the dominance of a capitalist society on living beings . I find the main character, Katagiri Yuuichi, quite referring to myself because, despite his bad teaching, he manages to become smart and handsome. Although I think I am the reincarnation of Katagiri Yuuichi , I will do my best not to be unbiased during this review.


 Plot: 10/10

The squid game was so good and between us we decided to emulate its plot. The initiative is so fantastic that not even AOT can compete. As a manga reader, there are several unpredictable and convoluted plot twists that are plotted leaving room for ZERO plot holes. It doesn't add any useless twists and the story is still consistent. It's hard to believe that an anime like Tomodachi Game can do this better than Death Note. I think only individuals with a great intellect like myself get a chance to see the impressive plot and narration of the tomodachi game.

 Art: 10/10

 Do I need to mention anything else? LOOK AT MANABU-KUN, how has getting used to anime been so good for him? I fell in love with him the instant he appeared on my screen.

 Sound: 9/10

 The opening and ending are very good. It's only episode 4, but no OST has caught my eye yet. Noise has the potential to be 10/10 if you have a signature soundtrack that plays in the aftermath, like Squid Game's Fly me to the moon.

 Characters: 10/10

 Manabu-kun takes characters seriously. He is genuinely so funny and likeable. Without him, Tomodachi Game could never be this good. Each character has a unique backstory that explains their personalities, and even though it's only been 4 episodes, I have a great emotional affinity with Manabu-Kun. I don't know how I'm going to live without seeing him animated after the 12 episodes are over.

 Appreciation: 10/10

 I was kept on the edge of my chair constantly without a single moment when I mentioned "damn, I mean so boring". I find myself constantly trying to find the imposter and every time my predictions and calculations are correct I feel so smart. Definitely worth seeing.

 Overall: 10/10

This anime gives me a great escape from the truth and if I had tomodachis in real life I would definitely try to play this game with them.


Source : MyAnimeList

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