▷ 💖 IS Shikimori's not just a cutie GOOD ?

What stands out about this manga adaptation is the reversal of the protagonists' positions , that it doesn't want to be pretentious as some people have said in other reviews , but is able to face its misfortunes head on and is not discouraged by the unfortunate accidents it has had for over a decade. And then to love life . I may not be right in the way I view anime but those of you who complain about the "childishness" of the protagonist .

 Have you ever faced your own misfortunes? 


 It is understandable that some people are used to seeing the best of the best and cannot accept a weak male protagonist but I don't think it is fair that a good work should suffer such unfair criticism just for such childish reasons.

The central concept of the manga is a slightly inverted love routine, which the anime is also very well adapted and the characterisation of the characters is very well done, the characters are vivid and it is well produced. In my personal opinion this work can only be considered a niche work with a bit of otaku delirium of the kawaii dake ja nai shikimori-san work. Personally, I think this technique is also quite capable of attracting public attention. 



At a time when the new generation of popular comics, led by teen action manga like Kimetsu no yaiba , are the benchmark, the trend may be for these slightly inverted romantic works to go unrecognised by the public. Everyone is so used to seeing big heroes who kill, and fight that it's only fair that they don't accept a protagonist without a cute move, a strong nemesis or a great ideal. In my humble opinion, it's almost like a group of secondary works that have met a new generation of popular manga with middle-aged people who laugh at other works that are not fashionable . 


Source : noticiasdonghua


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