▷ ✅ How GOOD is The Rising of the Shield Hero ?

I am not particularly offended by humiliating and repressive arguments, I am looking forward to the next setback. When I saw the Shield of Wrath, I was immediately impressed! Admittedly there is more than a little bigotry in the comments , probably because they don't like the depressing type. Maybe the world needs more happiness but we still need to understand that what we do to become stronger is to grow, and so-called growth comes at a price.

An ancestor once said that there is never luck in the world, there is only a combination of events and incidents. All disadvantages are the result of a person's lack of capacity. Indeed, absolutely smooth sailing is preferable but setbacks allow for faster growth and pain is only a catalyst on the path of growth.




 Naofumi Iwatani himself is just an ordinary, handsome boy who has experienced no great sorrows, who has gone alone to a strange world where he could die at any moment, who believes he has found true love and who has no excuse for despair after being ostracised. No one is born strong .

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