▷ 💎 Engage Kiss Anime Release Date


The first live broadcast of A-1 Pictures' "totally unpredictable romantic comedy" TV anime Engage Kiss took place on Sunday, when the anime's first full promotional video and first promotional image premiered. The music video announces and previews Halca's "Dare-Kare Scramble" opening theme song, and announces a new cast, additional staff, and the anime's July 2 premiere.


Official Trailer Preview Anime : Engage Kiss


Synopsis: The main character, Shuu, runs a small PMC, though his spending habits have consistently left him penniless. A demon girl named Kisara works under contract in Shuu's office and worries about him constantly. Kisara attends a high school in the city of Baylong and handles everything from administration to housework with ease. Ayano is Shuu's ex-girlfriend, an elite executive and former employee at a key PMC that Shuu used to work for.


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