▷ ⭐Characters : Who is Kohaku from the anime Dr. STONE : Ryuusui ?

Kohaku is a teenager of modern human descent. She is Ruri's younger sister and Kokuyo's daughter. He seems to be quite popular in his village thanks to his fighting skills, as Kinro and Ginro were both afraid of him. Kohaku predominates in fighting, hunting and general survival skills. She is a tomboy by nature, having little interest in and understanding of more typical female occupations, although she seems to enjoy the lavish clothes she was given. She has a keen instinct and intellect.




Kohaku is a good teenager, who cares deeply for her sickly older sister, willing to enter the tournament for her hand in marriage just to protect her. This care extends to his companions and anyone to whom he is loyal. Additionally, she has a reckless and hot-headed personality, constantly reacting angrily when she is called a gorilla or lioness thanks to her strength and physique. She also acts on her emotions at times, going against rational thinking. She also has a playful side, asking Chrome if he could fall in love with her because of her resemblance to her sister.

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