▷ 💖 Does Uncle From Another World have Romance ?

Elga ( Elf ) in love with Yousuke Shibazaki


Uncle's life in the real world has been a bit tumultuous, as he has been abandoned by his relatives, and in the other world he has suffered a lot in his reincarnation due to his unbeautiful appearance, but in the other world he has had some happy moments, such as when a pretty elf takes a fancy to him. However, the guy, who is a geek by nature and not very good at love, is not only completely oblivious to the tsundere elf's favours, but is also afraid of her, mistaking her favours for her being a stalker.

As a result, the tsundere elf who follows Uncle in the shadows often becomes collateral damage to Uncle, but her pursuit as a stalker has paid off, and she has even saved Uncle's life on one occasion. The uncle, on the other hand, remains indifferent to the elf's favour, and gives her a light blue stone ring with a rare gem, because he does not want to owe her anything for saving him, because it is small and does not bulge.

The situation, which seems to be a proposal, makes it difficult for the elf to accept the ring from the uncle. The uncle, who is unfamiliar with the concept of "tsundere", interprets the ring as something the elf does not want but telegraphs that she does, so the ring is given to the elf. The guy, who is not very good at love, and the elf, who likes him but cannot behave honestly, will be adorable.

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