▷ ⭐ Characters : Who is Shia Haulia from the anime Arifureta : From Commonplace to World Strongest OVA ?

Shia first appeared when Hajime and Yue were traveling through the vast Raisen Canyon when they were being pursued by a "shameless rabbit" like a monster. She was involved in this case as she foresaw that Hajime would help her family. She has quickly become his longtime travel partner and has the reaction to stick with Hajime with powerful words and preoccupations.



She came from a half-human race tribe called Haulia, RabbitMan. She was explained with a human body with beautiful curves, a breast the size of a "melon", gray hair with traces of blue pigment, blue eyes and, of course, bunny ears. She was discriminated against by her own race when she emerged as anything other than a demi-human capable of using magic, ending with her banishment from the Haulia tribe.
Shia wields a warhammer "Doryukken" crafted, designed, and enhanced by Hajime. She is 16 years old and has a fortune telling professional class and is also successful because of her physical strength and her "foresight" ability.
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