▷ ⭐Characters : Who is Sanjouno Haruhime from the anime Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon ? IV ?

Sanjouno Haruhime is a member of the Hestia family and a former member of the Ishtar family. Haruhime grew up as a worthy teenager in a noble family in the Far East. He lived alone, his home was like a cage and he had no friends. Once upon a time, with the consent of their god, the core boys of the Takemikazuchi family began to take them outside at night to play with them. Some time later someone accused her of eating a sacrifice, which angered her father so much that he disowned her and a guest of Pallum's offered to take it away. On their journey, they were attacked by monsters and Pallum fled, leaving Haruhime behind. She survived but has since been captured by bandits and sold to a brothel in Orario. As she went there, she noticed Ishtar, who bought her. Haruhime has become a member of the core of the Ishtar family, where she was forced to work as a prostitute until the family core disintegrated.



Haruhime is a gentle, introverted, polite, and radically nice girl. She respects everyone she meets and strives to support them whenever she is shown the opportunity. Growing up mostly in isolation, Haruhime was later hidden by the core Ishtar family. She led a pretty sheltered life. And as such, even the smallest things will delight them. Haruhime developed a love for reading from a young age as it was her way of escaping her loneliness. He likes fairy tales, especially those in which the hero saves a girl in distress. When she was forced to work as a prostitute, she wished that a hero would come and save her like in these stories. However, over time, she became convinced that she would not be saved, believing that her profession made her unworthy of rescue. However, Haruhime's criticism of this has changed after Bell saved her regardless of her beliefs. Though she's never had to fend for herself, Haruhime shows an unusual sense of bravery when her loved ones are threatened. Once Wiene was in danger, Haruhime jumped off a building to chase after her and confronted Bete to give Bell enough time to get Wiene to safety.

 When she worked as a prostitute, Haruhime would foam at the mouth and collapse when she saw a naked man. Thanks to this, she remains a virgin without realizing it.
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