▷ ⭐ WHO are the NEW CHARACTERS of the Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2?

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 Kyo Ethnina



Kyo Ethnina is one of the vassal bearers of the glass world. Some time ago, Kyo died in his old world, but due to situations unknown to his enemies, he was reincarnated on Planet Crystal. It is said that he traveled all over the planet, asking people about their problems and inventing a way to solve them. Along the way, he saves Yomogi.

 Long ago, he built his laboratory in a sealed mansion, far from the big city. he was in a thick fog. Anyone who enters it will be lost, unless they want to reach the mansion. 


Ost Horai


Ost Horai is the soul of the Spirit Turtle, one of the 4 guardian beasts. She is the incarnation of our Tortoise Spirit in his humanoid form.

 Ost was active even before the Spirit Turtle manifested and went mad. As part of the Spirit Turtle Guardian Beast, he was meant to be a reinforcement to fight the waves in case the heroes failed or did not become strong enough. However, the Guardian Beasts are intended as a last resort, as they perform their horrific function by sacrificing more than half of the living creatures in their world.

 Ost's specific role was to pave the way for the awakening of the Spirit of the Turtle. She must manipulate the nations to prepare sacrifices in case the Ghost Turtle is unsealed, and she must give the Heroes clues on how to break the seal of the Ghost Turtle if it were the original. 

Eclair Seaetto



Eclair Seaetto is a Knight of Melromarc who happens to be the daughter of Lord Seaetto and the Queen's right hand in command of the demi-human protected village. Eclair is the daughter of the former lord of the lands of Naofumi Iwatani. Since he spent a long time training as a knight in the castle, he never stayed there long, so his memories of the place are only vague. His father was killed during the first wave of the Temple of the 3 Heroes and his family's lands were plundered by slavers and the Melromarc military.

 Eclair survived her father's murder and later went after the slavers who were capturing villagers to seek justice, preventing her from meeting the heroes. After defending her villagers from the slavers, the shrine claimed that she was brainwashed by the shield demon and thus imprisoned. Therefore, when the heroes were summoned, she was treated like a prisoner in a castle cell. When Queen Mirellia Q Melromarc ascended the throne, she tracked down Eclair and freed her from her captivity. 

Rishia Ivyred



Rishia Ivyred is the hero of the projectile, one of the heroes of the 7 stars and the companion of the hero of the bow. She comes from a fallen noble family and was once one of the shield hero's slaves. Currently a resident of Rock Valley, she works as a teacher in the Hengen Muso style and helps legendary heroes with their homework.

 It was said that Rishia studied at a school in Faubrey until she was forced to stop her studies due to her family's financial difficulties. Naofumi thinks a lot of Rishia, Melty, and Malty could have studied at the same school with certain years between each. Aside from gymnastics, she had such good grades that she had trouble choosing her specialization. It is thanks to Faubrey's dominance that he does not share the country's negative bias against the Hero of the Shield.

 His family is technically noble, but they live on a farm, not a mansion. Their task was to rule a metropolis. Even though they were poor, they lived in peace. They failed to comply with a sequence of royal declarations, which undermined their authority. They learned of a nearby town, the Northern Territory, which was ruled by a rotten nobleman, who obtained his funds through illegal means. Fearing this, they started raising their defenses to defend their area, which drained the rest of their resources. This one triumphed over the fury of the companions.

 Recently, fields, crops and buildings in his town have been ransacked and night robberies have become commonplace. Traders and merchants stopped coming to their area. The noble neighbor asked for his daughter in exchange for her help in recovering from the affair, but they refused. Flights increased rapidly. Although they never asked the guild for help, many adventures scared the bandits away and the guild sent them a bill. In the end, his daughter, Rishia, was forcibly taken away by this nobleman in exchange for a half-fund and some bodyguards. Later, it was revealed that the bodyguards were the same people involved in the theft and the nobleman sent the request to the guild under his name. The evidence was erased and the couple were asked for the same share for the return of their daughter.

 That night, Itsuki and his companions, who were investigating the evil nobleman, discovered Rishia and infiltrated the evil nobleman's mansion, using the hero's authority to end their relationship and save Rishia. Rishia felt very indebted to her rescuers. To show her gratitude and support for her savior, Rishia would join Itsuki's set. Then she could be treated like an errand girl, carrying food and supplies for the Arch Hero celebration, leaving her mind on magic unused and untapped. 


 Elrasla Grilaroc



Elrasla Ragralock is an elderly woman who claims her class is the same as her age. A unique replacement for the Hengen Musou martial arts style. She now works as a Rock Valley showdown teacher.

 Elrasla is one of the last practitioners of Hengen Musou style martial arts. One day, when he was still a boy, the genius of the martial style declared that his ingenuity in the martial art meant that he should become the ruler of the whole world, and flew into a rage. Several of Elrasla's staff died fighting against the man, and Elrasla declared that she might be his last practitioner, vowing to stop teaching the art.

 However, she participated in Melromarc's previous war against the Siltwelt and worked as an adventurer for a time. He reached the rating limit a long time ago. One day she raised a male baby to be her son. Eventually, Naofumi's activities inspired him to help others perform in the Hengen Muso style.


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